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Venice Beach, Florida: Shark’s Teeth Capital of the World

April 23, 2012 by Mary Lamphere

While you won’t likely see many sharks in the warm Gulf Coast waters of Venice Beach, Florida today, one thing you will find plenty of is fossilized teeth.  In fact, thousands of fossilized shark’s teeth, which wash ashore on Venice Beach each year, can be found up and down the pristine coast.  Located near Sarasota, Venice Beach has been dubbed the Shark’s Teeth Capital of the World, and for good cause—a short walk down the beach and you’ll quickly know why!

If you’ve never seen a shark’s tooth or you’ve never been fortunate enough to find one of these tiny triangular shaped figures on the beach yourself, just visit Venice Beach.  Not only will you quickly become an expert at finding shark’s teeth (there’s literally hundreds of them along the coastline), you’ll also quickly realize how addicting it can be to continue the search up and down the coast for these neat little black, brown or grey teeth that once resided in the mouth of a shark. 

Don’t be afraid of the water though, just because there are hundreds of teeth on shore, this doesn’t mean that the waters off the coast of Venice Beach are crawling with sharks like one may think.  Active shark fishing off the Florida coast has taken a huge bite out of the shark population and today, sharks are a very rare sight off the coast of Venice Beach.  The teeth that wash ashore are a simple reminder of the vast population of sharks that once lived in the waters nearby.

Shark’s teeth aren’t always real small either!  While most of the teeth you will find on Venice Beach range from about one-eighth of an inch to around an inch, you will occasionally find a tooth that is three inches or more.  Another significant reminder of how big these prehistoric sharks may have truly been.  Venice Beach is also a popular spot for finding other fossilized marine creatures. 

Visit beautiful Venice Beach near Sarasota, Florida and see just how easy it is to find shark’s teeth in all shapes and sizes.  Don’t be surprised if you find a whole handful of shark’s teeth in a short walk up and down the coastline.  You won’t need a metal detector, sifting basket or any other special tool here—just a keen eye!

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