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American Samoa Beaches-- The golden sandy beaches around American Samoa are well-suited for sunbathing, picnicking and beach hikes. Explore the local villages to learn about some of the culture and traditions of the area, spend an afternoon fishing or head out to the coast to enjoy watersports and other recreational activities. You'll find also find many cultural events and festivals taking place here year round.
Location: South Pacific Ocean Language: English Currency: US Dollar Size: 76.83 square miles (199 square km) Weather: Average annual temperature ranges from 65-90°F

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American Samoa, Australia-Pacific

  • American Samoa American Samoa
  • Ofu Beach, American Samoa Ofu Beach, American Samoa
  • Amanave Beach, American Samoa Amanave Beach, American Samoa

About American Samoa

The entire region of American Samoa is bursting with culture and traditions, and you'll find plenty of untouched territory and natural sites to explore. The golden sands, clear blue waters and rich cultural centers are just some of the highlights of this exotic vacation destination.

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