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Quick Facts

Most of the beaches of Kos are organized and include facilities such as restaurants, vendors and tourist attractions but there's also some hidden gems along the coastline that offer nearly complete seclusion for those looking for a private getaway in Greece.
Location: Greek Islands in Gulf of Gokava/Cos Language: Greek Currency: Euro Size: 111 square miles (287.2 square km) Weather: Temperatures range from an average of 55°F in the winter months to about 75°F in the summer months.

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Kos, Greece

  • Hidden Beach Kos Kos Beach a Hidden Gem
  • Seaview Kos Beach Kos Beach Seaview
  • Paradise Beach Kos Kos, Paradise Beach

About Kos

Kos beaches offer crystal blue waters, picturesque landscapes and plenty of activities for tourists including windsurfing, fishing, sunbathing and of course relaxing.

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