Many prime beach destinations feature some of the most elaborate and meticulously managed golf courses in the world. From the Pebble Beach Resorts to spectacular golf courses in Mexico, California, Florida and beyond, many travelers find nothing more exciting than heading out for an adventurous beach vacation that’s paired with championship golf courses in the most elaborate settings.

Many golf vacations can be found in popular beach destinations throughout Florida and California as well as Hawaii, South Carolina, the Caribbean and Mexico. Popular golf resorts are scattered up and down the coastal areas of these states and regions offering some of the best golf experiences a golf enthusiast could ever ask for. Try your luck at a Jack Nicklaus championship golf course in Myrtle Beach or head on down to the golden beaches of Acapulco for tee time.

Attractive golf courses on the beach make for a vacation that provides true fun in the sun. There’s really no better way to take a vacation on the beach than to pair it with a round of golf at a championship course that was designed by one of the top names in the industry. is your source for golf vacations where the green meets the sand, surf and sea.

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