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Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
  • The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
  • The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
  • The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
  • The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
  • The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
  • The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
  • The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
  • The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
  • The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
  • The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
  • The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
Overview of Property

The resort features 694 guestrooms, including 32 suites, offer a large private balcony or patio with stunning Atlantic Ocean views and is set on seven exquisite acres of stunning waterscape, including three freshwater pools with flowing waterfalls, a swim up bar and oversized whirlpools nestled amid tropical landscaping.  Las Vegas style excitement awaits you at the neighboring Crystal Palace Casino. Enjoy exquisite cuisine at our signature restaurants and lounges ranging from casual to fine-dining.  Exciting nightlife is also minutes away.

Overview of Location

Situated on a 1,000-foot stretch of Nassau's spectacular Cable Beach, Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort is the perfect Bahamas hotel to unwind and relax in the warm, tropical paradise of Nassau.  From the moment you arrive at this Bahamas hotel, you'll experience a sense of belonging and relaxation and be treated to friendly hospitality and exceptional service.  Enjoy your Bahamas family vacation with the resort's Sheraton Adventure Club. Also, choose from an array of activities including snorkeling, swimming, sailing and exciting water sports.

General Room Details

Our 694 stylish and comfortable guest rooms and suites make it easy for you to enjoy a relaxing stay. You’ll find thoughtful features like High Speed Internet Access, 32-inch flat screen LCD TV, dual-line phones, and generous workspace in every room. You’ll also find a feeling of welcome unlike any other. 

Experience the celebrated “ahhhhh” of The Sheraton Sweet Sleeper™ Bed, with its plush mattress and feather-down pillows. It’s a great way to end a busy day.

Every guest room and suite also boasts a large private balcony or patio where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, lush gardens, or waterscape.

After a day of friends, family, or business, there is one more thing to savor at this Sheraton: the welcome of our guest rooms, which are completely smoke-free.

Activities and Things To Do

The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort is sure to keep families having a sensational time on property as kids and parents alike can take part in the many complimentary family-friendly activities offered by the resort's Love Your Family Program. Together, families can enjoy dive-in movies, where the latest family-friendly flicks can be viewed poolside while enjoying freshly popped popcorn; fireside storytelling; stargazing; and even participate in Bahamian Idol, a talent competition featuring local folk songs.

Parents may also opt to enroll their children in the Sheraton Adventure Club, which offers an endless variety of daily and evening activities and hands-on educational programs that will keep kids entertained all vacation long. Club activities include Bahamian arts and crafts, beach bowling, video games, junior chef cooking classes, field trips to Nassau's famous Straw Market, and even a Junkanoo Jamboree - a festival featuring authentic foods, dance and music of The Bahamas.

The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort also offers a variety of complimentary non-motorized water sports activities, such as kayaking and snorkeling. Parents may wish to simply relax on the 1,000-foot stretch of Nassau's most spectacular white-sand beach while their children build sand castles or swim.

Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort features seven acres of spectacular waterscape, including three freshwater pools with flowing waterfalls, oversized whirlpools, and a swim-up bar. While you're busy enjoying the tropical surroundings, your children will enjoy a great time at our Kids Club, an adult-supervised daily program of activities designed just for them.

Try your luck at neighboring Crystal Palace Casino. Go snorkeling, sailing, or kayaking. Take your pick from a full array of non-motorized water sports. Or enjoy a workout in our complete fitness center.

The Link@Sheraton experienced with Microsoft offers guests a comfortable place to work, play, or just relax. Free wireless, Ethernet, or Internet access, complimentary newspapers and weekly magazines, as well as varied food and beverage options are all available for your enjoyment. Nightly activities such as wine tastings, book signings, and organized games will keep you entertained well into the evening.

After a day of friends, family, or business, there is one more thing to savor: the welcome of our Sheraton, which is completely smoke-free.

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