Smart Luxury

The most luxurious beaches and lavish resorts can be found scattered throughout the world in some very easy to find places as well as in some of the most inconspicuous places one could imagine. Luxury beach vacations are the ideal vacation for anyone who wishes to spend their days being pampered living the lavish life in a five star resort on the beach. Many of the most luxurious resorts on the beach offer spas, butlers, activities planning, room-service and they cater to every need of their guests no matter how big or small.

A luxury beach vacation is all about relaxing and soaking up the unique and unobtrusive views of the beach. Many luxury resorts offer private beaches with cabanas that are reserved for guests and in some cases, these cabanas provide the perfect place for a spa treatment while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the beach that surrounds the cabana. From Boca Raton to Montego Bay, Dubai to Aruba, there are luxury resorts located on popular beaches throughout the world offering only the best in accommodations, atmosphere and service.

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