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Sarasota - Courtesy of Jim Walls
Pacific City
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St. Augustine
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San Francisco by Maison Gray Photography
San Francisco View destination
Southampton - Courtesy of Charles Rich
Southampton View destination
Palm Beach - Courtesy of Captain Kimo
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Coral Gables
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Newport Beach
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Pacifica State Beach
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The United States of America is home to thousands of beautiful sandy beaches.  Along the east coast of the US, most beaches are located on the Atlantic Ocean.  Further South, a lot of the beaches share the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico - throughout Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.  To the West, hundreds of beaches range up and down the coast of the Pacific Ocean.  Most beaches in the United States feature soft sand but there are also some rocky beaches throughout the northern parts of each coasts. Many of the US beaches are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and other adventurous water sports.