Belize Travel Guide

Welcome to the Belize travel guide.

It’s considered to be Mother Nature’s best kept secret and a must-see destination for anyone interested in learning about the Mayan ruins, exploring ancient sites and enjoying the exotic tropical setting in the Caribbean. Belize is located between Mexico and Guatemala on the Caribbean coast of Central America and continues to be one of the few unspoiled destinations on the planet. Belize is home to the Great Blue Hole, the longest barrier reef on this side of the hemisphere and offers a wealth of options for snorkelers, divers, and adventure enthusiasts. Whether you’re spending your days exploring the lush tropical rainforests, visiting ancient Mayan sites or savoring delicious foods of the island, you’ll leave with dozens of great memories and plenty of authentic experiences.


The people of Belize are committed to maintaining the country’s unique charm and atmosphere, and you’ll find that many cultural traditions are alive to this day. The people of Belize are naturally friendly, warm and welcoming. This part of the Caribbean is located just a two-hour flight from the United States and continues to be an attractive destination for travelers looking for an escape from the daily routine. From the ancient Mayan temples to the lush rainforests, you’ll find a variety of places to explore and fine examples of Mother Nature at its best.


Belize boasts a fascinating history, a colorful past with legends of English buccaneers raiding and settling the island, glorious Maya civilizations, Spanish conquistadors and African slaves. This region is home to several different cultures and you’ll find traces of all of them throughout the island. Unlike other regions of Central America that were colonized by the Spanish, Belize was under British rule for a significant period of time. The British claimed victory over the Spaniards at the Battle of St. George’s Caye in 1798. It wasn’t until 1981 that Belize became an independent nation but it is still a part of the British Commonwealth which is under the control of the Queen of England.


The people of Belize practice an array of customs and traditions, and today this region is home to about 10 different cultures. Belize has a population of about 314,000 residents, and the melting pot of cultures here includes Arabs. Chinese, Mayans, Creole citizens and European and American expatriates. Still, Belize is among the most peaceful countries in the world and continues to be a tourist-friendly destination. English is still the official language of Belize, so tourists will have no problem communicating with locals.


Belize Weather and Best Time to Visit


Peak season for travel to Belize runs from November through May. This is when most travelers from the Northern Hemisphere head to the Caribbean to escape from the colder weather and enjoy the warm and sunny days on the beach. If you are looking for a more quieter vacation experience and off-season rates, plan to visit Belize from June to October. These months of the year are typically less crowded, but temperatures are still comfortable enough to be outdoors and enjoy some adventurous activities.


Belize is one of the most easily accessible of all Caribbean and tropical locations around the globe, and is perfect for beach vacations during the dry season. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a summer break, head here to enjoy a peaceful and serene setting. While you may experience some rain showers during your trip, rain won’t completely ruin your vacation because showers are fairly short in duration. Rates o hotels and resorts are typically much lower than the average from May through November.


Experience Belize


Belize truly offers the best of both worlds, with the majesty of the lush tropical rainforests and the mysteries and legends of the ancient Mayan cultures. It’s home to miles of white sandy beaches and a 174-mile long barrier reef. The region is about 176 miles long and 88 miles wide, encompassing just over 8,800 square miles. It is approximately the same size of the state of Massachusetts, and larger than all of the former British Caribbean countries combined.


Belize is an outdoor lover’s paradise, a place to enjoy everything from river kayaking and cave tubing, to scuba diving through coral gardens and climbing Mayan temples. If you’re interested in a luxury escape, you’ll find a number of spas and fine dining destinations around the island, as well as some high-end resorts that cater to the well-heeled traveler. If you prefer a more low-key getaway, head to any of the small towns and villages to stay at one of the locally-owned hotels or inns.


Belize is divided into six districts that are connected by a paved highway system. It’s fairly easy to travel from one district to another, and you’ll find many well-recognized destinations and sites along the way. Northern Belize is where you’ll find most of the sugar cane fields. The New River here once served as a major waterway for the ancient Mayans, and is now home to several ceremonial sites and temples. Central Belize is the most fertile region, and home to howler monkey and bird sanctuaries.


This is the place to explore the Altun Ha Maya temples and visit Belize City. Western Belize is home to the Cayo district, and is most famous for its forests, caves, waterfalls and beautiful mountain vistas. Southern Belize is where you’ll find most of the tourist hotspots. Golden sandy beaches, a jaguar reserve, citrus and banana plantations and lush rainforests are all found in this region. This is also the best place to taste some home-made Maya chocolate.


You’ll find a number of small islands and atolls off the coast of Belize, and these are ideal for more secluded retreats or full-day getaways. Explore the region around Ambergris Caye, visit Caye Caulker, or enjoy a day boating around the beaches near the barrier reef.


No matter what districts you end up exploring around Belize, you’ll find a variety of things to do and unique places to explore around this magnificent part of the Caribbean. Belize is home to dozens of attractions and sites that will satisfy the senses and give you a chance to enjoy a restful escape. Whether you’re exploring the ancient Mayan ruins or trekking through lush rainforests, you’ll find a variety of things to do and enjoy throughout beautiful Belize.