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Best Caribbean Beaches for Snorkeling

June 20, 2012 by Mary Lamphere

Whether you call it snorkeling, free-diving or something else, there’s no doubt, snorkeling is one of the most popular beach pass times throughout the world.  So, of course, we all want to know what the best beaches are in the Caribbean for snorkeling—what better way to kick off a great Caribbean beach vacation then to embrace yourself in the beauty of the underwater world?

With hundreds of thousands of square miles of open water, finding that perfect spot in the Caribbean for a snorkeling excursion may seem like finding a needle in a haystack;  Fortunately, there are so many great beaches for snorkeling in the Caribbean you’re sure be almost always close to the action.

Grand Cayman’s Best Beaches for Snorkeling

If you’re visiting Grand Cayman, consider a snorkeling trip to beautiful Stingray City.  Here you will find a 13 ft. dive or the ideal location for snorkeling to see dozens if not hundreds of stingrays that are actually tame enough to pet.  The warm waters of the Caribbean await and are ideal for swimming and snorkeling in the area.

Another great place to snorkel in Grand Cayman is along the east end of Collier’s Beach.  The depth here ranges from 5 to 15 feet and there is a multitude of conch, tarpon, lobster and hundreds of schools of fish in the area so you’re sure to see something awe inspiring.  Snorkeling is best along the right side of the pier at Tortuga Club or to the left of the channel but try not to be within the center area of the channel as the current can be rather strong here making it difficult to snorkel.

St. Martin’s Best Beaches for Snorkeling

If you’re planning a visit to St. Martin, snorkeling is definitely top on the activities list.  The best areas for snorkeling in St. Martin are along the French side of the island where the waters tend to be much calmer.  Pretty much any beach along the French side of St. Martin is an excellent spot to slip into the water and discover the underwater sea life via snorkeling and mask.  Most of the coastline of St. Martin is heavily managed by the French government and the fish and wildlife are protected which means you’ll likely see a vast array of sea life when you snorkel in the area.

Bonairs’s Best Beaches for Snorkeling

Located in the Dutch Antilles, and also one of the smallest of the islands, Bonairs is an excellent place for a Caribbean beach vacation, especially when snorkeling is on the agenda.  The best place for snorkeling in Bonaire is just off shore at Klein Bonaire which is a small cay.  You’ll have to get their by boat because Klein is just off the mainland of the island of Bonaire but the short trip will be well worth it.  Once arriving at the cay and sinking into the water you’ll find a wealth of sea life including many species of coral and fish, and since the coastline of Bonaire is considered a marine park, the entire area is protected.  Thanks to the protection that the island and the reefs are provided by the designation of the coastline as a marine park, there is an abundance of marine life off the coast that can easily be seen with snorkel and mask.

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