San Juan Travel Guide

Welcome to the San Juan, Puerto Rico travel guide.

The glistening waters and sizzling nightlife scene are among the top draws for visitors to Puerto Rico. It’s a popular beach destination for party goers and those who just want to escape from reality for a few days and enjoy the tropical atmosphere. The island is home to several great restaurants, nightclubs and concert venues, and is becoming a popular destination for eco-tourism and adventure tours. Beyond the golden sands of Puerto Rico beaches, you’ll discover dozens of ancient monuments, memorials and tombs that date back thousands of years. If you’re looking for a more luxurious vacation, set your sights on the upscale beach resorts and luxury hotels scattered along the oceanfront, and within a short drive from the beach.


Puerto Rico boasts about 272 miles of coastline so you have plenty of space for sunbathing and enjoying a variety of water sports along the beach. From Isla Verde to the Seven Seas, you’ll find several long stretches of beautiful beaches and will be within a short walk or drive from the lush rainforest and nature attractions. Scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, boating and sailing are just some of the popular water activities to enjoy around the island.


Whether you’re heading to Puerto Rico for some fun in the sun, want to experience the nightlife scene, or just want to head out on the water for a sailing or boating adventure, you’ll find plenty of things to do and enjoy throughout the island. Renting a car is generally recommended for extended stays, especially if you plan to visit San Juan regularly and want to enjoy the scenic sites along the coastline. Rent a Jeep or an RV if you want to visit the off-road attractions.


Puerto Rico Weather and Best Time to Visit


Most of Puerto Rico offers summer temperatures year round, with an annual average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit. This Caribbean destination is a popular venue for winter travels and you can expect high humidity levels and very hot weather during the summer and early Fall months. Puerto Rico does have a hurricane season, and you may need to stay away from the beaches and coastline when big storms and rain showers strike. The driest months run from January through April, and summers are usually among the wettest months of the year.


Peak travel season runs from December through April, so you can expect rates at hotels and vacation rental properties to be much higher than the average during these times. Off-peak season runs from May through November, so if you’re looking for a summer getaway, this would be the season to head to the island. Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30, so you may find some great deals on hotel and resort packages, but you will need to be flexible with your itinerary to accommodate for unexpected rain showers, thunderstorms and hurricane alerts.


Experience Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is home to thirteen main beaches, and you’ll find several other smaller beaches scattered between them. Ballenas beach in Puerto Rico is perfect for people-watching, so grab a cool drink and settle down on the sand for a peaceful retreat. If you’re looking for a beach for swimming, head to Isla Verde, one of the busiest beaches in the area. This is a popular destination for water sports including waterskiing, body boarding and surfing, and caters to swimmers of all skill levels. Crashboat Beach is an idyllic location for sunbathing. If you’re in need of some rest and relaxation, head to this beach for a few hours of relaxation and repose.


The World Surfing Championship Competition in 1968 on Rincon Bay made this beach famous for surfing and the area has been nicknamed “The Surfing Capital of the Caribbean” ever since. If you’re interested in snorkeling and windsurfing, set your sights on Seven Seas Beach to enjoy the shallow waters and strong winds. It’s important to remember that the beaches along the northern coast are usually more turbulent and don’t cater to surfers and boaters. If you’re looking for boating, windsurfing and surfing activities, set your sights on the waters around the southern areas of the island.


The City of San Juan is a short drive from the coast and is home to many art galleries, museums and other cultural attractions. Some of the resorts and hotels in Puerto Rico offer complimentary transportation to and from San Juan, but you can also catch a cab or rent a car to travel to the city.


You can spend an entire day exploring some of the nature preserves and rainforests throughout the island, so consider adding some outdoor and adventure activities to your itinerary. The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, the Punta Ballena Reserve and the Ojo del Buey are just a few popular nature attractions on the island, and many are an idyllic setting for bird watching, hiking and just looking at the beautiful rock formations.


From the historic attractions around the city of San Juan to the tranquil waters of some of Puerto Rico’s smaller beaches, you’ll find a wealth of interesting attractions, sites and activities to enjoy throughout the island.