Go Gallery Hopping In the Bahamas

Go Gallery Hopping In the Bahamas


Whether you’re looking to take a break from the heat, trying to find something to do on a particularly rainy day during your vacation, or just feeling the the urge to see some great visual art while visiting the Bahamas, there’s always a good reason to plan a day around the many art galleries in the Bahamas. And there are many galleries to choose from, ranging from larger collections to smaller boutiques. Here are some of the must-visit art destinations on the islands.

National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

If you plan on visiting only one museum while in the Bahamas, make it the National Gallery, which integrates rotating exhibitions with its permanent collection to showcase the finest in art made by Bahamian artists. Located in the gorgeous colonial Villa Doyle building – itself a work of art – the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas can be found right in the heart of Downtown Nassau.

Doongalik Studios

This gallery was opened by architect Jackson Burnside and his wife with the goal of putting an emphasis on Bahamian art over other aspects of the tourism industry. Visit Doongalik and you’ll see their point. Stop by on a Saturday and enjoy a refreshing tamarind beverage or fresh fruit from the neighboring farmer’s market.

Popop Studios

This is a colorful, lively gallery space where you might see as many artists milling about as you see pieces of art. It’s a great place to see Bahamian art in action, and you may leave Popop inspired to make some artwork of your own.


Like Popop, this gallery space is run by local contemporary artists and showcases works by members of the community. Here, works by prominent local artists will often share space with pieces by up and coming talents who are just discovering their capabilities. The Hub also offers film screenings, classes and other community oriented events, so take a look at the calendar before visiting.

Junkanoo Expo

Every year, Bahamians celebrate Junkanoo, a two-day festival that lands on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Locals prepare year round for the celebration, constructing outfits and masks meant to outshine those made by other community members. The Junkanoo Expo collects many of these stunningly decorated pieces, making a it a must-visit museum if you can’t make it out for Junkanoo proper.

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