Cairo Highlights: 2-Day Guided Tour including Camel Ride

This two day tour in Cairo covers all the famous sightseeing that the region has to offer. Discover the famous places in Cairo such as the Pyramids of Giza, Sakkara area and Dahsur, Egyptian museum, Mosque of Mohamed Ali pasha, Coptic Cairo and Khan el-Khalil Market.

Day 1: Egyptian Pyramids
Start your tour by heading to the pyramids of Giza, sphinx and step pyramids in Sakkara and then continue on to the red pyramids and bent pyramids. Arrive in Giza where you will be able to see the Giza pyramids and sphinx, listen to your guide who will explain some theories about how the pyramids were built, live the adventure in the Sahara desert in a camel ride around the pyramids and also explore the Temple of Mummification which is located beside the sphinx. Afterwards you will have lunch in a good quality restaurant overlooking the Sphinx and the pyramids. Then you will drive from Giza to Sakkara to see the step pyramids and some unique tombs. Continue on to Dahshur to see red pyramids and bent pyramids.

Day 2: Cairo City Tour
Discover the city of Cairo and visit the Cairo museum which was built in 1901, having more than 136.000 of artifacts, enjoy your time at the Egyptian museum with your guide who will tell you all about the stories and life of kings, see the golden mask made for king tut and some mummified animals. Continue on to the citadel of Salah El-din where you visit the alabaster mosque for Mohamed Ali pasha and then explore the Old Cairo where you will see the famous Coptic church (hanging church). Your lunch will be at a good quality restaurant. The last stop will be exploring the market (Khan el-Khalil). Conclude your tour back in your hotel.

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