Cairo Photography Walking Tour: Souqs, Mosques and Palaces

Cairo Photography Walking Tour: Souqs, Mosques and PalacesAlexandria

Discover the ancient winding city streets of Cairo, Egypt, the cradle of civilization. Take a tour of Islamic Cairo visiting historic Fatimid era gateways to the old city as well as mosques, houses and palaces while passing through local markets. A memorable visit will by the walk through the famous Souq Khan al Khalili where vendors produce all kind of wares for your perusal.

Important Notice: See travel warning below given current civil unrest in Cairo.

You will visit Cairo's three enduring ramparts: Bab Al-Nasr (Gate of Victory), Bab Al-Futuh (Gate of Conquests) and Bab Al-Zuwayla, as well as the Street of the Tentmakers - Cairo's only remaining medieval covered market. See Al-Azhar Mosque, the Mosque of Al Hakim, Beit as-Suhaymi (traditional family mansion) and the remains of Beshtak Palace on a fascinating walking tour through Islamic Cairo.

Your Cairo Photography Walking Tour ends at the Northern Gates to Islamic Cairo.

Some of the things you will learn from your photographer guide:

  • How to incorporate lighting conditions to create dramatic photos
  • How to capture the atmosphere of a particular scene
  • How to compose a photograph to get the maximum effect

Your English-speaking Photographer guide has in-depth local knowledge, a passion for Cairo and for the art of photography. So bring your camera and be prepared to walk, shoot and click.

Please note: Egypt has remained relatively unstable since the beginning of the Arab Spring in 2011, but recently the situation has intensified dramatically. Even before this recent escalation in violence, the U.S. State Department issued a travel warning advising U.S. citizens to defer travel to Egypt, and American citizens living in Egypt to depart. Those who do travel to Egypt now should take extreme care to avoid protest areas and to stay informed of the situation, which could change for the better or worse at any time. Please note that tours may be changed or cancelled at any time for safety reasons. (Posted 15 August 2013) 

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