Cape Town Rootz Reggae Tour

Cape Town Rootz Reggae TourCapetown

Cape Town is South Africa's party town and is famous for its Reggae music, dancing and culture. The sounds of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh are everywhere alive and kicking! There are few better things to do on an evening in Cape Town than follow the roots of local Reggae, enjoying a Rastafarian supper (Ital) and a live jam session with a Reggae musician.

Reggae has deep roots in Cape Town and has been the music of political dissent and party-going pleasure. The songs of icons like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh still resonate strongly with South Africa's struggles.

On this journey, you will discover more about reggae and Rastafarian culture in Cape Town. You will meet a reggae storyteller for a Rastafarian Ital supper (vegetarian), and listen to stories about reggae. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to hear anecdotes about pioneering reggae musicians and the stories behind their characters.

Visit a local reggae musician for an at-home or in-studio performance. If you are a fan of reggae and want to experience Cape Town more deeply, then there is no better way to spend your evening.

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