Cape Town Township: Private Guided Tour

Join this 3 to 4 hour Cape Town Township tour with a local tour guide. The tour consists of minimal walking for a better experience to interact with the locals. Drive for 20 minutes to Langa (the first and oldest township) and Gugulethu (meaning our pride) and enjoy the best of what the Township has to offer.

You will be collected at your hotel/guest house in Cape town and surrounding areas and drive for approximately twenty minutes to one of the oldest townships in Cape Town, known to the locals as Langa (meaning ‘Sun’ in Xhosa). The township is named after a very respected chief Langalibalele, who was a renowned rainmaker that spent time in jail on Robben Island in 1873 for rebelling against the Natal government.

Upon arrival in this township, which was originally developed for black people who were evicted from their homes in District Six under the group areas act, your guide/driver will introduce you to the native local tour guide. The local guide will accompany you on a short walking tour of less than a kilometer in total, on the ultimate township tour experience. The tour will start at Gugasthebe, a tourist Information Centre, where various non-profit organizations tea chart skills to the local youth.

You will visit what used to be a detention Centre during apartheid. The walk will proceed to the local shebeen or tavern, where you will have an opportunity to see how the local beer known as Umqombothi is brewed.They will have an option of beer-tasting with the locals. An opportunity to take photos will be granted. This will be followed by a visit to the municipal beer hall built in 1945, as a way to not allow the brewing of local beer made out of sorghum (utywala) by the local community.

You will then visit the local entrepreneur’s business women who prepare barbecue (braai) meat on the streets of Langa and showcase their skills in what they enjoy doing. The tour will continue to the old and new hostels to see the transformations done by the government in order to better the people’s living conditions.

Next visit a crèche in the area and head south to the new development housing known to the locals as RDP (Reconstruction-Development-Program) houses. A South African government national initiative to better the people living conditions.

Proceed to Langa market to spend a few minutes with a traditional Doctor known to the locals as a Sangoma (optional). Our walking township tour will end at the local public library, where children and adults in the community come to borrow books. Thereafter you will board a vehicle and explore other places of interest and historical areas. Set off to the next township called Gugulethu (known to the locals as Gugs). Gugulethu comes from Xhosa name ‘igugu lethu’ meaning our pride. It was established in 1960 because Langa was overcrowded. Here you will visit some places of interest with an option of lunch at Mzoli meat place.

After lunch you will be dropped off at your hotel at the end of the tour.

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