Customizable Layover Tour from Cairo Airport

Customize your private layover tour from Cairo Airport. Visit Saqqara, Giza or Cairo the way you like with many options to choose from.
Choose 3-5 items (depending on your flight time) and tell your guide at the start of the tour. Your Egyptologist tour guide will pick you up and drop you off at the airport.

Your friendly guide will pick you up at Cairo Airport Arrivals Hall, and then take you on an unforgettable tour around your favorite sights. Choose 3 to 5 items from this list, and simply let your tour guide know at the beginning of the tour which sights you would like to visit. Lunch in a traditional Egyptian restaurant is included, and in the end your guide will drop you off at Cairo Airport Departure Hall in time for your connecting flight.

Giza: Great Pyramids, Valley Temple and Sphinx
Saqqara: Step Pyramid of King Zoser and Tomb of Kagemni
Dahshur: The Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid of Snefru
Cairo: The Egyptian Museum (including King Tutankhamen's jewellery, animal mummy room, etc...)
Cairo: Cairo Tower with a panoramic view of Cairo from the top
Cairo: The Citadel: Mosque of Mohamed Ali (Alabaster Mosque) and mosque of Ibn Qalaoun
Cairo: Mosque of Sultan Hassan and Mosque of Rifai
Cairo: Bazaar of Khan el-Khalili (the old market)
Cairo: Mosque of Ibn Tulun and museum of Gayer-Andersen
Cairo: Old Cairo (Coptic churches: Hanging church, church of Abu Serga (Holy Family crypt) and synagogue of Ben Ezra)
Cairo: Old gates of Cairo with part of Muezz street (oldest street of Cairo)

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