Half-Day Morning Giza Pyramids and Sphinx Adventure from Cairo including Egyptian Lunch

Wonder at the Great Pyramids of Giza and enigmatic Sphinx on this fascinating half-day tour of Cairo’s greatest treasures! Beat the crowds and midday sun with a prompt morning departure to drive to the Giza necropolis. Admire the gigantic Sphinx and the three great pyramids as your guide reveals the theories around the purpose and construction of these massive pharaonic tombs. Finish with an authentic Egyptian lunch at a local restaurant as you puzzle over what you’ve just seen!

Meet your guide at one of two start points in Cairo in the early morning. Then, take the short drive to the Giza necropolis that is home to the Sphinx and the three pyramids of Cheops, Khafre and Menkaure.

Avoid the often busy main entrance and head through the gate at the Sphinx, the enigmatic human-headed lion statue that stands sentinel here. Gaze at this gigantic sculpture and hear the theories behind its mysterious purpose from your guide.

Next, visit the pyramids of Giza. Built around 2550 BC, the tombs were constructed to protect the pharaohs as they entered the afterlife. Wonder at the sheer bulk of the 481-foot-tall (147 meters) Great Pyramid of Cheops; it's the largest of Giza’s three major tombs, and the last of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.

The second pyramid, Khafre, isn't much smaller, but its claim to fame is that, unlike the others, part of its outer casing is still intact. The smallest of the three, Menkaure, is named for the fifth king of the Old Kingdom. Unlike the larger pyramids, which were made of limestone, Menkaure was mostly constructed with granite, a more expensive and difficult stone to use.

After seeing the architectural feats up close, head to a viewpoint to snap a photo of all three pyramids set against Cairo’s skyline. Since you’re here relatively early, there will be fewer people interfering with your shots! You will have free time to enter one of the pyramids (own expense), although your guide is not permitted to enter with you.

Next, drive into Cairo’s streets for an authentic Egyptian lunch. Head inside a popular local restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal of koshari (a blend of lentils, rice, pasta, fried onions and chilli sauce) that is a favorite of young Cairenes.

Afterward, enjoy a drop-off at either of the start points, where your tour ends in the early afternoon.

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