Half-Day Saqqara Pyramids and Memphis Tour from Cairo

View the pyramids and sites of early ancient Egypt on this enthralling half-day tour from Cairo. With an expert guide, travel in an air-conditioned vehicle to Saqqara to see the magnificent Step Pyramid of Zoser, the world’s oldest stone pyramid. Continue to the site of Memphis, the ancient capital of Lower Egypt, to view what remains of this once colossal city. Admire its relics in the open-air museum, including a giant, fallen statue of Ramses II. These lesser known, but fascinating sites attract fewer tourists, making them wonderful to explore.

Meet your guide in central Cairo and board your air-conditioned vehicle. Enjoy captivating glimpses of the city’s suburbs as you drive south to Saqarra, site of the world’s oldest standing step pyramid.

After about an hour’s drive, arrive at Saqarra, a stretch of desert used as a cemetery for Memphis, the ancient capital of Lower Egypt. Walk to its centerpiece, the Step Pyramid of Zoser, and learn how this massive structure was built in 2,630 BC for King Djoser, and was the first complete stone building ever constructed. Admire the flat-topped pyramid and the surrounding, smaller pyramids, and capture the magical scene on camera.

From here, continue in your vehicle to the site of Memphis itself. The hub of power for over 3,000 years, this now ruined city was the capital until 2,200 BC, and boasted fine temples, palaces and statues — only a few of which remain.

Explore the relics around the villages of Dahshur and Saqqara, including the open-air garden museum studded with broken statues, carvings and columns. The star turn is a huge, fallen statue of Ramses II in the museum building — make sure you view it from the balcony above to appreciate its full scale! The relics here attract fewer tourists, so you can explore them in truly relaxed atmosphere.

After immersing yourself in ancient Egypt, return to your vehicle and ride back to Cairo. Your tour ends with a drop-off at the place where it started.

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