Historical Walking Tour in Cape Town

Walk the colorful streets of the historical heart of Cape Town on this tour and hear a professional guide relate stories of people and events that have molded and shaped Cape Town and South Africa's history.

Your guide's interpretation of the city's streets and parks, people and buildings, monuments and memorials will reveal details of South Africa's dramatic and often torturous past. From Dutch and British colonialism, slavery and apartheid to our modern-day freedom and democracy.

Meet your guide on the steps of the Bishop Robert Gray Memorial in downtown Cape Town. After introductions and a safety briefing you will be provided with an overview of the walking tour and a snapshot historical framework from which to hang other parts of the story.

This walking tour takes most of the sightseeing highlights of the historic precinct, interpreting Cape Town's streets-cape to build up an understanding of Cape Town's role during the Voyages of Discovery, followed by Dutch colonial settlement and slavery, British occupation and Imperialism, followed by the rise of Afrikaner Nationalism and Apartheid, and finally its capitulation to African Nationalism and fully fledged democracy.

South Africa's story stars luminaries such as Nobel peace prize winners Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and FW de Klerk. In supporting roles there is Cecil John Rhodes (villain or hero?), Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Jan Smuts, Albert Luthuli and many others.

The story-telling historical tour takes 2.5 hours in which time you will cover a distance of around 2.5 km (approx 1,5 miles) at a leisurely pace with frequent stops for discussion, questions and photo opportunities.

from $ 19