Private Guided Day Tour of Giza and Saqqara with Egyptian Lunch and Camel Ride

Visit the most important pyramid sites in one day in this private tour. Start with Saqqara to visit the Step Pyramid, the pyramid of Teti and the tomb of Kagemni, then you will have a typical Egyptian lunch (foul, falafel or koshary). Afterwards you will go to Giza plateau to visit the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.

Start your tour at 8am from your hotel with your private professional tour guide in your private, a/c van to follow the steps of Pharaohs in buildings their tombs and pyramids as the first and oldest building of stone was the Step Pyramid of King Zoser in Saqqara (c. 2700 B.C.). In Saqqara you will also enter the pyramid of Teti (c. 2200 B.C.) and marvel at the ancient religious funerary pyramid texts and go inside the tomb of the High Priest, Kagemni (c.2200 B.C.) and watch the vivid daily life scenes on the walls.

Afterwards you will have a typical Egyptian lunch of one of the following: Foul (Foul Medames): warmed fava beans served with garlic onion and cumin; falafel: deep-fried patty made from ground fava beans, served in a pita with salads, pickles and hot sauce; or koshary: mix of rice, macaroni and black lentils, tomato sauce, fried onion and chickpeas. Then you will visit Giza plateau where you will stop first at the Great Pyramid of Cheops, then the pyramids of his successors, Chephren and Mycerinus. Afterwards you will proceed to the panorama from which you can see the pyramids together and take unforgettable pictures, start your adventure in the Sahara desert on a camel around the pyramids and finally visit the valley temple and the Sphinx. At the end of the tour you will be transferred back to your hotel.

from $ 17