Private Guided Day Trip to Wadi El Natrun and Monasteries from Cairo

This is a private tour to visit the area of Wadi el Natrun, where the ancient Egyptians extracted natron salt that was used for mummification.
Now the area is famous for its ancient Coptic Orthodox monasteries, some of the oldest in the whole world, and still used.

Wadi el Natrun is an area located about  56 miles (90km) northwest of Cairo at a level of only 75.5 ft (23m) below sea level. In ancient Egypt the area was used for getting natron salt, which was used for dehydrating mummies in the process of mummification. Now it is a very important center for monastic life of the Coptic Orthodox Church. It has some of the earliest Christian monasteries of the world. Some of them date back to the fourth century. Visiting them is rare chance to watch the beautiful icons, paintings and the monastic life.

You will be picked up early in the morning at 7am from your hotel by your private tour guide for the ca. 90 min drive. First, have a look at the Monastery of the Romans (Deir Al Baramus), then Anba Beshoy (St. Boshoi's) Monastery, next the Monastery of the Syrians (Deir al-Surian), and lastly the Monastery of St. Macarius (Deir Abu Magar, Abu Maker).

Lunch in the monasteries is included. You will be transferred back to your hotel after the tour finishes.

from $ 29