Small-Group Camel Market Day Tour from Cairo

Enjoy day tour to Camel Market (Souq al-Gamaal) in Cairo. See Hundreds of camels being sold and/or traded at the market on a daily basis.

 Your guide will pick you up at 8am and take you to the camel market in Birqash, just a 45 minute (60km) drive away from Cairo. It is the biggest market for camel meat in all of Africa.You will have unforgettable experience while seeing merchants buying and selling camels in auctions inside the market, you will see the traders negotiating and making deals.

Most camels are from Sudan and Somalia and have arrived in Egypt through Abu Simbel in the south. Those that aren't sold there are taken to Birqash, a small village. The camel market is not for the faint of heart – these animals are not treated like beloved pets.

After visiting the market, transfer back to Cairo.

from $ 68