Tour of St Simeon Monastery in Aswan

Enjoy a guided tour to visit St. Simeon monastery, original the Anba Hatre Monastery, this structure dates back to the 6th century. You will  also have a camel ride

Your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel in Aswan and transfer to the Nile side where your motor boat will be waiting for you journey. Board your boat and relax on the soft cushions to the west bank opposite the southern tip of the Elephantine Island, near the mausoleum of the Aga Khan.

Enjoy a 25 minute camel ride to reach the Monastery, located on a hill on the west bank near the Aga Khan Mausoleum in Aswan and was once inhabited by thousands of residents. The construction of the monastery begun in the 6th century, but it’s believed that it was not completed until the 7th century. Move on to visit the Coptic Monastery of St Simeon is one of the largest Coptic monasteries in the world. Its original name was "Anba Hatre Monastery", and due to a water shortage a century after it was built, it was abandoned and left untouched for many years. Be transferred back to the Nile side and then transfer to your hotel in Aswan.

from $ 40