New Island has Emerged off Coast of North Carolina

New Island has Emerged off Coast of North Carolina

Who says there’s nothing new under the sun? Out of nowhere, an Island has emerged off the coast of North Carolina, unofficially dubbed “Shelly Island” by an 11-year old boy because there are so many seashells to collect.

This island seemingly emerged overnight. What started as a small little sandbank has now grown to reveal itself as a large mass of land, and people are making their way out in order to be among the first to step foot here, not to mention a chance to collect some great shells.

It’s only about 50 yards out, but the undercurrents can be dangerous and they’re advising people not to try swimming or walking to the island. Also, the president of the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association has warned visitors that the path to the island is likely covered with countless fishing hooks from decades worth of lost lures, not to mention 5 foot sharks and sting ways “as large as the hood of a truck.”

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