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Bradenton Beaches -- The beautiful beaches of Bradenton are well-suited for picnicking, nature hikes and boat tours around the bay. Other popular activities here include golfing, visiting museums, and visiting the nature preserves. Relax on the scenic coastline of Bradenton, visit the state park and explore the nature preserves to make the most of your visit to the area.

Bradenton-Sarasota-Venice Florida Metropolitan Area
14.44 square miles (37.4 square km)
Average annual temperature is 72°F. The average annual high is 82.3°F and the average low is 62°F.

Bradenton, Florida

  • Bradenton, Florida - Bradenton Beach
  • Bradenton, Florida - Bradenton Beach
  • Bradenton, Florida - Bradenton Beach

About Bradenton

The city of Bradenton is located on the Manatee River in the central Gulf Coast and is a popular destination for family vacations, romantic getaways and year round travel. Home to some of Florida's cleanest beaches, a handful of museums and marinas, Bradenton is the place to enjoy outdoor activities around the Gulf, a few rounds of golf and recreational activities any time of year. Read Less