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Dubai Beaches--The unique combination of deserts and beaches in Dubai attract millions of travelers from around the globe each year. The beach is surrounded by world-famous clubs and hotels, and you'll find plenty of soft, white sands for sunbathing, and beautiful turquoise-blue waters in the Arabian Sea for water activities and swimming. Popular activities include skiing, surfing, picnicking, watersports and shopping.

Arabian Peninsula
UAE Dirham
1588 square miles (4114 square km)
Average annual temperature is around 66°F in the winter and 95°F in the summer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Dubai Beach

About Dubai

When you're looking for an exotic vacation experience, head to the bustling city of Dubai. The city is surrounded by desert territory and also boasts miles of golden sandy beaches. Home to numerous historical and cultural landmarks, Dubai is the perfect destination for safaris, nature hikes, shopping and enjoying regional cuisine. Read Less

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