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El Cuco Beaches --Most of the beaches of El Cuco are black sandy beaches but are still great destinations for sunbathing, relaxation and beach sports. Visit the small vendor huts for traditional seafood and local eats, explore the small villages and spend your days fishing, kayaking, surfing or sunbathing on the coast.

South San Miguel
US Dollar
159 square miles (411 square km)
Average temperature is 78°F but can reach upper 80s°F

El Cuco, El Salvador

  • El Cuco, El Salvador - El Cuco
  • El Cuco, El Salvador - El Cuco
  • El Cuco, El Salvador - El Cuco

About El Cuco

Located on the eastern part of El Salvador, El Cuco is the perfect destination for cultural explorations and seeing some of the area's finest black sandy beaches. It's a popular surfing destination and you?ll find numerous seafood restaurants around the coast. Enjoy a variety of water activities and explore the abundance of natural sites throughout the area. Read Less