Quick Facts

Nueva Gorgona Beaches--You'll find about three white and black sandy beaches around Nueva Gorgona, and these relaxing destinations are perfect for sunbathing, wading, swimming and watersports. Gorgona Beach is the most crowded, while Malibu Beach offers more secluded spots and is also a great destination for surfing. Explore the city of Coronado nearby, enjoy fresh seafood at waterfront restaurants and take a nature walk around the water to make the most of your experience.

Central Pacific Coast Panama
84 square miles (217 square km)
Average annual temperature is 80°F with highs reaching 90°F in the summer.

Nueva Gorgona, Panama

  • Nueva Gorgona, Panama - Gorgona
  • Nueva Gorgona, Panama - Gorgona
  • Nueva Gorgona, Panama - Gorgona

About Nueva Gorgona

The small beach town of Nueva Gorgona is located in Panama and is within a few miles of the public beaches that overlook the Pacific Ocean. You'll enjoy a laid-back small-town atmosphere and can enjoy easy access to some of the more modern attractions and sites nearby. Enjoy beach activities and the chance to mingle with the locals during your trip to Nueva Gorgona. Read Less