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Islamorada Beaches - Anne's Beach is the main beach in Islamorada and is the perfect destination for outdoor activities, picnicking and swimming. Head here to take a walk down the boardwalk or enjoy a picnic under one of the covered pavilions. It's located on the Atlantic Ocean and is well-suited for relaxing boat rides, picnicking and watersports.

Florida Keys
7.2 square miles (18.8 square km)
Average annual temperature is 85°F with an average low of 75°F

Islamorada, Florida

  • Islamorada, Florida - Islamorada
  • Islamorada, Florida - Islamorada
  • Islamorada, Florida - Islamorada

About Islamorada

Enjoy miles of unspoiled beaches and a breathtaking natural setting in Islamorada, one of the most beautiful destinations in the Florida Keys. Home to several luxury resorts and hotels, Islamorada has become a popular beach wedding destination and is an attractive choice for travelers who want to enjoy the sunsets and water activities any time of year. Whether you're interested in sunning on the beach or heading off on a boat trip to explore the other Florida Keys, you'll find a wealth of activities to explore and enjoy around Islamorada. Read Less