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Key Largo Beaches - The scenic coastline of Key Largo is close to the Everglades National Park and natural landmarks, and you'll find plenty of coral formations and other dive sites around the beaches. Spend your days admiring the scenic coastline, heading off on a wildlife viewing tour, scuba diving and snorkeling around the coast, and enjoying some outdoor activities under the Florida sun.

Upper Florida Keys
33 miles (53 km)
Temperatures in Key Largo range from the low 60s°F to upper 80s°F and may even reach mid 90s°F

Key Largo, Florida

  • Key Largo, Florida - Hilton Key Largo Resort
  • Key Largo, Florida - Key Largo
  • Key Largo, Florida - Key Largo
  • Key Largo, Florida - Key Largo

About Key Largo

Enjoy an unforgettable Florida Keys vacation with a trip to Key Largo, considered to be the dive capital of the world. It's considered to be the first of the Florida Keys because its located on the northernmost tip of the chain of Keys, and is easily accessible from South Florida's major airports. Enjoy some fun in the sun, head off on a boating adventure and relax on the coast as you enjoy the shores of Key Largo any time of year. Read Less