Quick Facts

Lamu, Kenya Beaches-- The beaches of Lamu Island are clean and pristine locations for a variety of water activities and are perfect destinations for relaxing under the sun and enjoying a variety of water activities. Whether you're boating around the bay or just soaking up the sun on the white sands, you can look forward to a memorable beach retreat in Lamu.

Coastal East Africa
Swahili / English
Kenyan Shilling (KES)
28 square miles (72.52 square km)
Temperatures are in the low to upper 80s°F throughout the year.

Lamu, Kenya, Kenya

  • Lamu, Kenya, Kenya - Lamu Beach Umbrella
  • Lamu, Kenya, Kenya - Lamu Beach, Kenya
  • Lamu, Kenya, Kenya - Rock on Lamu Beach, Kenya

About Lamu

Lamu Island is only accessible by boat and is an attractive destination for enjoying a relaxing getaway far from the buzz of any city. The mangrove channels are well-suited for boating and other water activities, and you'll find a handful of resorts and luxury villa rentals available right along the coastline. Read Less

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