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The Costa Verde Beach Road in the Miraflores area of Lima is home to no less than four popular beaches (mainly pebbly) - Makaha, La Pampilla, Redondo and also Waikiki(not Hawaii).

Lima metropolitan area Pacific Coast
Nuevo Sol (PEN)
1031.8 square miles (2672.3 square km)
Average annual temperature is 63°F to 73°F

Lima, Peru

  • Lima, Peru - Lima Beach
  • Lima, Peru - El Silencio Beach, Lima
  • Lima, Peru - Lima

About Lima

When the sun is shining down, there is no better place to be in Peru than relaxing on one of its many surrounding beaches in Lima, particularly if you have surfing on your agenda. Lima is a popular destination for beach sports such as surfing, fishing and boating. Read Less