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Melbourne - Home to golf courses, fine dining, shopping and of course plenty of soft white sand to sink the toes into. Whether you're looking for a place to soak up some sun, do some fishing or shop the day away Melbourne, Florida is the place to be.

Southeast Coast of Florida
35.49 square miles (91.9 square km)
The average annual temperature is 80°F, the average low is 50°F in the winter to 90°F in the summer

Melbourne, Florida

  • Melbourne, Florida - Bonsteel Beach
  • Melbourne, Florida - Melbourne Beach
  • Melbourne, Florida - Melbourne Beach
  • Melbourne, Florida - Melbourne Beach

About Melbourne

Melbourne is located along Florida's Space Coast about an hour and a half from both Kennedy Space Center and Disney World. Numerous parks, golf courses and various other leisure activities can be found throughout Melbourne. Along the beach, visitors can enjoy fishing, boating, volleyball and relaxing. The blue of the sky and the water blend offering picturesque views along miles of beautiful beach in Melbourne. Read Less