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Palm Bay Beaches - The beaches of Palm Bay are perfect for picnicking, swimming and other water activities. You'll find plenty of water activities to enjoy around the Banana River and intra-coastal waterways on any given day, and can enjoy activities such as charter fishing, sailing, boating, sports activities and golf any time of year.

Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville Metropolitan Area
66.75 square miles (172.9 square km)
Average annual temperature is 73°F. The average high is 81°F and the average low is 65°F

Palm Bay, Florida

  • Palm Bay, Florida - Palm Bay
  • Palm Bay, Florida - Palm Bay
  • Palm Bay, Florida - Palm Bay

About Palm Bay

The beautiful city of Palm Bay is a peaceful beach vacation destination for families, singles and couples heading to the Space Coast. With an average temperature of about 72 degrees, the city offers a wealth of outdoor activities year round. Head to the coast for some fun in the sun, enjoy a few rounds of golf or explore the waters around the intra-coastal waterway and the Banana River during your visit. Read Less