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Pensacola Beaches-- The Pensacola Beach Pier is among the longest stretches on the Gulf of Mexico and you'll enjoy plenty of fishing, biking, snorkeling and kayaking activities most months of the year here. Dine at an open-air restaurant, make a trip out to the Gulf Islands National Seashore and catch live music on the beach throughout the week.

Northwest Florida Pensacola Bay
39.7 square miles (102.7 square km)
Average annual temperature is 68°F. The average annual high is 77°F and the average low is 59°F

Pensacola, Florida

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About Pensacola

Home to some of the state's first-rate fishing destinations and a haven for boaters and watersport enthusiasts, Pensacola boasts untouched sands and natural territory to cater to adventure seekers and travelers of all ages. Head here to enjoy the scenic landscapes, natural beaches and beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico. Read Less