Quick Facts

Tropezien beaches are located along the coast in the Baie de Pampelonne, and are a total of 3 miles long. The Pampelonne beaches are private beaches, each only about 30 meters long with their own facilities and many are naturist.

French Riviera
Euro (EUR) / CFP Franc
5.86 square miles (15.18 square km)
Average temperature is 80°F in the summer and 55°F in the winter

Saint-Tropez, France

  • Saint-Tropez, France - Saint-Tropez by Maison Gray Photography
  • Saint-Tropez, France - Saint-Tropez
  • Saint-Tropez, France - Saint-Tropez
  • Saint-Tropez, France - Saint-Tropez

About Saint-Tropez

Quite simply referred to as the most famous resort in Europe, Saint-Tropez is located in the south of France on the French Riviera. This resort town is known to be a summertime destination for the rich and famous across the globe. Read Less