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Samoa Beaches --The white and golden sands of Samoa are perfect for breaking away and just enjoying the fresh air and natural setting. Hike through the fertile valleys to see banyan trees and lush foliage, swim around the cascading waterfalls and enjoy boating activities around the blue lagoons. Samoa truly is a picture-perfect destination year round.

South Pacific Ocean
Tala (WST)
1093 square miles (2831 square km)
Average annual temperature is 75-86°F

Samoa, Australia-Pacific

  • Samoa, Australia-Pacific - Nuu Beach, Samoa
  • Samoa, Australia-Pacific - Samoa
  • Samoa, Australia-Pacific - Upolo Island, Samoa

About Samoa

Samoa is considered to be an island paradise and is home to miles of white sandy beaches and a picture-perfect setting for adventure seekers and romantic getaways. It's located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, about half way between New Zealand and Hawaii. From the lush rainforests to the cascading waterfalls, you'll be treated to a paradise-like setting any time of year. Read Less