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Tahiti Beaches --The natural beaches of Tahiti are picture-perfect destinations for some rest and relaxation, and some fun in the sun. Take a relaxing stroll through the palm trees and around the bays, spend a few hours windsurfing or enjoying water activities, or head to the shore for a scuba diving and snorkeling session. The natural wonders and breathtaking sites of Tahiti are perfect year round.

Windward Islands
CFP Franc
403.5 square miles (1045 square km)
Average annual temperatures range from 70°F to 88°F.

Tahiti, Australia-Pacific

  • Tahiti, Australia-Pacific - Tahiti Beach, Paradise
  • Tahiti, Australia-Pacific - Tahiti, French Polynesia
  • Tahiti, Australia-Pacific - Tahiti Beaches

About Tahiti

A popular honeymoon destination Tahiti is considered to be among the hottest vacation destinations in the world and is surrounded by stunning natural sites. The tropical climate is perfect for a beach vacation any time of year. Whether you're exploring the nature wonderland, taking a tour of the island or just relaxing on the coast, you?ll find plenty to enjoy and take in around this exotic vacation destination. Read Less