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Tuvalu Beaches--The beaches of Tuvalu and the island itself lies on a stretch between the Republic of Kiribati and Samoa. You'll find dozens of beautiful lagoons around the golden sands here, and can explore some of the outlying islands with a boating or yachting adventure. Spend your days exploring the local villages, relaxing on the sand or hitting the water for a few days of boating and cruising.

Ellice Islands Pacific
Tuvaluan, English
Tuvaluan Dollar, Australian Dollar (AUD)
10 square miles (26 square km)
Average annual temperature is 85°F

Tuvalu, Australia-Pacific

  • Tuvalu, Australia-Pacific - Tuvalu
  • Tuvalu, Australia-Pacific - Vaiaku Beach, Tuvalu
  • Tuvalu, Australia-Pacific - Tuvalu

About Tuvalu

The Tuvalu islands are home to palm-fringed beaches, hundreds of papaya trees and some of the world's most breathtaking natural sites. Head to these beautiful islands to enjoy the tropical scenery, escape from the modern world and enjoy a yachting adventure around the coast. Read Less