Quick Facts

Zanzibar Beaches--The gorgeous white sandy beaches of Zanzibar are well-suited for rest and relaxation, and many stretches of sand are relatively uncrowded throughout the week. Explore the roadways lined by banana palms and coconut trees, explore one of the 25 beaches around Zanzibar, and enjoy the peaceful and remote setting any time of year.

East Africa Coast of Indian Ocean
Swahili / English
Tanzanian Shillings (Tsh)
1020 square miles (2643 square km)
Average annual temperatures range from 75°F to 82°F

Zanzibar, Tanzania

  • Zanzibar, Tanzania - Boats along Zanzibar Beach
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania - Zanzibar Beach, Tanzania
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania - Zanzibar Beach, South Africa

About Zanzibar

The stunning white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of Zanzibar are perfect for relaxing and boating activities after a busy day of sightseeing and nature hikes. Explore the picturesque fishing villages, spend an afternoon shopping around the bays and just kick back and relax to soak up the sunshine on the beautiful coasts. Read Less

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