Eat Right in Rincón Puerto Rico: 5 Spots Not to Miss

Eat Right in Rincón Puerto Rico: 5 Spots Not to Miss

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Rincón is a town on the northwestern tip of Puerto Rico. It is a surf destination for many and synonymous with beauty and relaxation. What many people haven’t caught onto is that Rincón hosts a few of the most unique and delectable eateries in the Caribbean. Whether it’s a breakfast spot in the hills, an authentic restaurant in town, or gourmet grub on the ocean, Rincón has it all.

Carta Buena

On the side of the road on Route 413 is a small orange cart called Carta Buena. It sits on a beautifully maintained piece of land comprised of the garden that supplies a lot of the food that comes out of the cart. Everything there is farm-to-table fresh, completely organic, and mouthwateringly delicious. The eating area consists of picnic tables under trees, creating a Zen-like ambiance. When combined with the food, this atmosphere makes it an easy place to frequent and a hard place to leave.

The English Rose

On top of one of the high hills of Rincón is the best all-around breakfast a traveler can experience. The menu is diverse, the food is truly top notch, and the juice is fresh squeezed. The English Rose overlooks a valley between hilltops with a distanced view of the ocean, making for dazzling scenery. It’s off the beaten path, and every traveler who eats there wishes that they could go more or had found out about it sooner.

La Cambija

La Cambija is one of the most authentic homes for Caribbean cuisine, in that it is literally a home! Located in the front yard and driveway of an old home, the restaurant started as a family house that occasionally sold food and quickly blossomed into one of the premiere restaurants in Rincón. It’s a great taste of the Caribbean that comes with quality food, excellent vibes, and a great assortment of different flavored mojitos.

The Green Thumb

Located in the center of town, The Green Thumb brings a Thai food presence to this Latin land. The menu is delicious and the atmosphere is quaint and calming. It’s all organic and offers a great array of vegetarian and vegan options that appeal to anyone who loves quality food and flavor.

La Copa Llena

La Cop Llena is the premiere restaurant in Rincón. It’s at a spot called the Black Eagle and the outdoor restaurant area is on the beach by the Marina, providing one of the most beautiful dining settings, particularly during sunset. The food is locally grown or caught and everything that comes out of the kitchen is gourmet. There’s a nice bar as well, making it the highest quality combination of atmosphere, food, and fun.

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