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Feel the Love: 5 Romantic Spots in Cancun

Cancun is the perfect setting for your romantic getaway—you’ve just got to know where to go.

romantic spots in cancun

Cancun is the perfect setting for your romantic getaway—you’ve just got to know where to go. Visit these five romantic spots in Cancun, and we guarantee you’ll be feeling butterflies!

Aquaworld’s The “Side by Side” Jungle Tour

Imagine cuddling up next to your significant other in a two-seat boat as it floats peacefully through Cancun’s scenic mangroves. Blushing glances, loving smooches, and hand-holding under an exotic canopy of green will make you feel like you’re on your very first date again.

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La Isla Shopping Center

Shopping centers don’t typically elicit thoughts of romance, but you’ll quickly set your notions aside after an evening stroll at La Isla. Walk hand-in-hand over beautiful bridges, admire lovely fountains, and enjoy the colorful sunset in each other’s arms. Romance is always in the air here.

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Columbus Lobster Dinner Cruise

Aboard the Columbus, you’ll enjoy flavorful lobster, delicious drinks, and the seductive melodies of a professional saxophone player. Enjoy a night with your significant other on the ocean under a blanket of stars, where romance is all but guaranteed.

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Isla Mujeres

While this tropical paradise isn’t exactly Cancun, it’s only a 15 minute boat ride away and is a must-see for the majority of Cancun’s visitors. Grab a couple of pina coladas and spend the day relaxing on the beach with your love. Crowds aren’t an issue on Isla Mujeres, so privacy and romance are easy to enjoy on this gorgeous island.

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Aromatherapy Couples Massage

Massages are naturally stimulating, and having one right next to your significant other is a great way to ignite romance and fuel passion for your entire trip. Holding hands or gazing at each other during the massage will get those butterflies going. Ask your beach hotel or resort staff to arrange everything for you, and just relax!

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