10 Bahamas Photos That Will Have You Packing Your Bags

10 Bahamas Photos That Will Have You Packing Your Bags


Free Diving on New Providence Island

Clifton Heritage National Park is located off the beaten path—on the far western tip of New Providence Island—and rewards visitors with pristine beaches and an awe-inspiring underwater sculpture garden. This spot is also home to the beach where a famous hollywood movie was filmed. Can you guess which one? Find out if your guess is correct here.

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Coco Plum Beach

Situated in the crystal-clear waters of Coco Plum Beach on Grand Exuma Island, sits wooden swing sets that make for the perfect Instagram photo opportunity. Apparently, the swings were set up in the water in anticipation of the Fyre Festival, which never took place.


Eleuthera, Bahamas

Rolling pineapple fields and friendly locals welcome all visitors to Eleuthera. Founded in 1648 and known as the birthplace of the Bahamas, this homey island is the perfect spot to get a taste of the local Bahamian lifestyle on your beach vacation. Its beauty and vibe is unrivaled and often plays host to destination weddings and music festivals. Fishing—deep sea and flats—diving, shopping and even surf are sure to fill your time on this island. Check out our local’s guide to Eleuthera.

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Baha Mar, Nassau

The SLS Baha Mar is the perfect blend for an upbeat, tropical getaway. SLS is the second property to open at the upscale $4.2 billion Baha Mar resort, soon to be followed by the Rosewood at Baha Mar in summer 2018. Here, you’ll find energetic pool and beach parties, celebrity-frequented bars and clubs, and a world-class casino and other amenities. Want to know more? Check out five reasons on why you should stay at the SLS Baha Mar.


Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island

Atlantis is a lush, oceanfront resort located on Paradise Island. Whether you want to golf, explore the world’s largest open-air marine habitat, test your luck at a casino or kick back at a spa, Atlantis has something for everyone. Check out The Cove at Atlantis, Autograph Collection on Beach.com.


Allen Cay Iguanas

The Exumas have become known for the wild pigs that roam Pig Beach but you can also stop by Allen Cay for some reptile love. This small island hosts wild but docile Iguanas. Their technical name is the Bahamian Rock Iguana but most people refer to them as the Allen Cay or Exuma Iguanas. Some weigh up to 24 pounds!

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Beach Horseback Riding on Harbour Island

Harbour Island lies just Northwest of Eleuthera and it’s known for long pink beaches stretching along its eastern shore. Spend your time horseback riding along the beautiful beaches or head to colorful Dunmore Town for some shopping.

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Pig Beach, Exumas

Visit Big Major Cay for an unexpected sighting of boarish friends waddling along the shores. Also known as “Pig Beach,” this island in the Exumas has risen to fame thanks to its hungry inhabitants. The only way to get to Big Major Cay is by boat, so plan to either charter one or board a guided tour. As you idle in, you’ll pass several swimming pigs, and as they get closer, you’ll find they’re not shy towards humans. You’ll want to pack pitted fruits and vegetables as treats for their affection. If an animal encounter is high on your travel bucket list, find out how you can swim with pigs, nurse sharks and more on your next beach vacation.


Royal Caribbean's CocoaCay

If you’ve ever set sail on a Royal Caribbean cruise to the islands, chances are you’ve made a stop at CocoCay, the cruise line’s private island destination in the Bahamas. Known for having all the ingredients of the perfect beach day, CocoCay provides beautiful Bahamian water, sandy shores with plenty of shade options, beach bars, drinks in pineapples and much more. However, come May 2019, CocoCay will complete the transformation into an over-the-top version of itself, see it for yourself here.


Pearl Island, Bahamas

When it comes to soaking up the sun in Nassau and making the most of your Caribbean vacation, there’s no place better than Pearl Island to feel like you’re truly in the tropics. Located just a short boat ride from the port in Nassau, this tiny little island packs a whole day’s worth of adventure, great Bahamian eats and fun in the sun—all within the span of a 5-minute walk from end to end. Pearl Island provides all you need for an ultimate beach day and we know the top five things to do during your visit. We found five things for you to do on Pearl Island, check them out here.


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