3 Great Wanderlust Instagrams to Follow

3 Great Wanderlust Instagrams to Follow


It’s not like you need much to convince you that you secretly want to ditch your job, house, car, problems, chores, and everything else, and live your life as a jet-setting citizen of the world.

Not all of us are in the right stage of our lives to drop everything and travel, however. So if you’d like to live vicariously through someone else (or maybe even get inspiration for your future life plans), here are three great wanderlust Instagram accounts to follow for your daily taste of the good life abroad.

For Warm Luxury Escapes

Luxury travel blogger, Christina Vidal, shows off her covetable life via the Instagram account, @jetsetchristina. While her home base is Los Angeles, California, her constant travels have taken her to over 55 countries. She documents her sun and champagne soaked lifestyle through tons of bikini pics, landscape shots, and colorful snaps of luxury in warm climates throughout the world.

For Outdoor Adventurous Souls

Professional photographer and adventurer Alex Strohl is based in the wildly beautiful Whitefish, Montana. His Instagram account, @alexstrohl, acts as his photo journal as he travels the wilds of the U.S. and the world, camping, hiking, climbing, swimming, and generally living wild and free with a tent and a camera. You won’t find traditional luxury shots here, but plenty of natural beauty and wanderlust vibes abound.

For the Culture Vultures

Siddhartha Joshi Punekar is a professional photographic journalist whose work has been featured places like CNN and Huffington Post. His Instagram account, @siddharthajoshi, is a visual treat and an inspiration for those who want to see the stunning history, architecture, and cultural treasures of places off the beaten path. From Delhi, India, to Cardona, Spain, this talented photographer’s depiction of street life and history will have you reaching for your wallet to buy plane tickets somewhere amazing.

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