Top Travel Apps to Download in 2019

Top Travel Apps to Download in 2019

Getting Around

Google Maps

This top-notch location app can be used without WiFi and has a GPS system that works anywhere in the world. If you want a bit more function, Dark Sky is a geo-location app like Google Maps that additionally lets you see the weather forecast anywhere in the world.


MAPS.ME allows you to download maps for your destination while you have WiFi and access them later with no data or internet connection. It’s extremely helpful if you don’t have data or a GPS while traveling. Plus, it has data on restaurants, attractions, lodging and more—so you’re never searching for a Wifi connection before moving on with your day.


With more than a billion users globally, some countries use WhatsApp over SMS texting. WhatsApp is free and lets you text, video-chat and call. Caribbean Airlines now uses this app to communicate with its customers.


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