Wake up in: St Lucia

Wake up in: St Lucia

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One of the most beautiful and alluring destinations in all of the Caribbean, St Lucia is an exciting place to wake up in. The dramatic mountains, the glimmering ocean, the awesome activities, and the amazing accommodations all contribute to this enchanting experience. In particular, where you wake up, what you have for breakfast, and what you do afterwards all play their part in making this east Caribbean city a true paradise.

Where to Wake Up

There are a variety of spellbinding places to stay on St Lucia. They can range from luxury resorts to local hotels to beachside villas. Where you stay depends on the experience you want and your budget. At the top of the list is the Jade Mountain, which has three walls and a wide open fourth wall, which means that anyone staying there will enjoy waking up in the atmosphere of luxury fused with nature. For those searching for a more common and relaxed living situation, there is The Landings St Lucia, which offers more of an apartment feel.

Whatever you decide on, St. Lucia provides the range where visitors can wake up in the lap of luxury or feel as though they have a home there.

Where to Eat

There are a ton of places to eat on St. Lucia, ranging from fine dining for the morning to quaint and local food stops. A great place to start is at Gobble, a locally-sourced eatery dedicated to providing high quality food and a reasonable price tag. If you’re looking to dine near the water, Cafe Ole sits in the middle of the Rodney Bay Marina and provides the combination of vista and food that people travel to St. Lucia to enjoy.

However, if luxury and fine dining are the fix you need in the morning, try the cuisine at the Jade Mountain Club. It’s known for bringing travelers to life in the morning with a combination of exotic and tropical flavors that complement the stunning view of the Piton Mountains.

What to Do

St. Lucia is known for its captivating beauty, but there is plenty to do there after waking up and eating a delicious breakfast. For those who want to get into the trees, there are canopy tours available, and for those who want a faster pace, there is zip lining. If the sky isn’t for you and you’d prefer to stay on the ground, there are ATV tours, dune buggy adventures, and horseback riding on the beach.

Of course, there is always the simple option of going down to the beach, enjoying a sunrise, and laying out as the sun and cool breeze create the perfect temperature to relax.

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