Belize Travel Guide

Welcome to the Belize Vacation Rentals travel guide.

When you’re planning an extended stay in Belize, consider staying at one of the Belize vacation rental properties so that you can enjoy hotel-like amenities at an affordable price. Belize vacation rentals can be found around the major beaches, tourist sites and natural attractions, and many are within easy reach of grocery stores, restaurants and shopping. Many vacation rental properties are located right on the beach, so you can enjoy a private beach escape and tranquil retreat on your own schedule. If you’re looking to book accommodations for a large family or group, a vacation rental may be your best choice. Most offer more space and privacy than a hotel or resort, and you can enjoy the benefits of an apartment, condo or villa throughout your trip.


Stay in a spacious villa if you are planning to entertain guests during your trip or are interested in staying in the Caribbean for a few weeks. The beach cottages and condos on the ocean are perfect for couples and guests who are enjoying a romantic getaway.


Some of your best bets for Belize vacation rentals include:

Casita Buena Vista


(0)226 4426


Green Parrot Beach Houses and Resort



+1 734-667-2537


Grand Colony Island Villas San Pedro

Sea Grape Drive

Belize City 91, Belize

(0)226 4270