• *  Daytona Beach offers 24 miles of coastline perfect for Parasailing
  • *  Explore the World’s most famous beach from above
  • *  Catch a glimpse of a dolphin or shark in the coastal waters below


Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you soar above the sky over the World’s Most Famous Beach—Parasailing in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

Featuring more than 24 miles of picture perfect coastline to travel up and down, Daytona Beach is home to many parasailing activity coordinators that make traveling above the beach just as much fun as splashing in the water down below.  If you’ve never seen Daytona Beach from above, consider some of the really neat features that you can look down on as you glide above the beach:

  • The Ferris Wheel at the famous Daytona Beach boardwalk
  • Schools of redfish, mullet, and even the occasional black tip shark or dolphin
  • Breathtaking views of the rest of the city from the edge of the coast

The parasailing trip begins with a short jet ski ride from the shore of the beach out past the breakers.  There, you will jump off the jet ski and onto the boat that will take you on this most memorable above the sea trip.  An assistant will strap you into a parasail and if you’re traveling above the seas of Daytona Beach with a friend or relative, they’ll get strapped in too.  That’s when you will then take your place on the back edge of the boat and the parasail will be put up.

As you gently rise above the boat your parasail adventure begins.  Taking you up the shore of the beautiful Atlantic coastline of Florida’s one and only Daytona Beach, you’ll see everything this beautiful beach destination has to offer—sun, surf, sand and activities galore.  At the end of the trip, you can take home pictures taken by a professional photographer that was on the boat as you sailed high above—it’s truly the adventure of a lifetime in Daytona Beach!