Fort Myers Travel Guide

Welcome to the Fort Myers travel guide.

The beautiful white sands of Fort Myers beach are the perfect venue for a family vacation or romantic getaway, and have been deemed the world’s safest beach. Whether you’re interested in watersports, picnicking at the park, sunbathing on the sands or just want to explore some cultural attractions, Fort Myers offers a wealth of things to do and places to explore for all types of travelers.


Fort Myers Beach is located on Estero Island, and a relatively young barrier island compared to other destinations around Florida. Estero Island once served as the center of the Calusa Indian heartland and remained fairly uncharted territory until the Spanish explorers made their way into the area. The area soon became populated with Spanish Indians, Euro-American settlers and Spanish Indians during the 17th through 19th centuries, and has by the late 19th century, much of the land had been purchased and transformed into settlements.


It wasn’t until World War II that Fort Myers Beach became more of a place to settle than only a tourist destination. During the 20th and 21st centuries, Fort Myers Beach underwent several gentrification projects and is home to many new shopping and dining destinations. It also hosts several community festivals and events each year, including the famous weeklong Shrimp festival where local chefs and cooks prepare dishes made with the famous “pink gold” shrimp.


Since it’s early days, Fort Myers Beach has become a sleepy beach community and is actually comprised of Estero Island and San Carlos, its sister island. This beach vacation destination is home to several resorts, deluxe hotels and vacation rental properties, and many are located within walking distance of the beautiful beach. Whether you’re heading here for a weeklong vacation, weekend getaway or just staying the night, you’ll find plenty of great things to do and enjoy around Fort Myers.


Fort Myers Weather and Best Time to Visit


Fort Myers has an average annual temperature of about 70 degrees and experiences plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Many people flock to the beaches of Fort Myers during the winter months, so peak season runs from December through April. However, you can still find a number of budget-friendly options in accommodations in early December. Humidity levels do tend to run high during the late spring and summer months, the area’s low season. If you’re looking for the lowest rates on airfare and hotels, head to Fort Myers beach in the middle of the summer.


Some of the best seasons to enjoy the great outdoors and beach activities in Fort Myers are in April and May, and then in September through November. Temperatures tend to be cool and steady during these months, and are perfect for golfing, nature walks, hiking, sunbathing and other beach activities. You’ll find off-peak pricing on hotels and airfare during the early spring and late Fall months.


Holiday weekends and the Christmas holiday season also command peak season rates, so if you are planning to travel during these times, make sure you are booking your trip several weeks or months in advance.



Experience Fort Myers


The beaches of Fort Myers are unlike other beach destinations around Florida because a good portion of the beach is undisturbed by attractions and man-made sites. You can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation on the beach, get up early to watch the sunset, or spend your days picnicking at the parks scattered around the area. One of the most popular beachside activities in Fort Myers is shelling. You’ll find shells all over the island, and can pick up a mix of crushed, soft and white shells.


Fort Myers caters to kids and teens with an abundance of outdoor and nature activities. From exploring state parks and camping, to taking a tour of the nature center, kids and teens of all ages can enjoy a variety of nature, wildlife and recreational activities during their visit.


If you’re traveling with a pet, you’ll find a number of pet-friendly hotels that are within easy access of area dog parks and dog-friendly beaches.


Head to the Town Square near the pier of Fort Myers Beach to enjoy a few hours of people-watching and to enjoy easy access to the area restaurants and nightlife scene. The island condo properties and vacation homes are perfect for weekend getaways and extended stays, and you’ll find that many venues have private beach access and beach access points.


The easiest way to get around Fort Myers is by renting a car or taking a taxi. You’ll also find some local public transportation options in the downtown Fort Myers area, but it may be easier to get to the coast when you have your own car. Southwest International Airport is located just three miles west of the City of Fort Myers, and is within a short drive of several Fort Myers beach hotels, resorts and other key destinations around the beach.


Fort Myers Beach is within a short boat ride of several area islands and destinations including North Captiva, Gasparilla Island, Sanibel Island and Cape Coral. Many of these venues are home to public fishing spots, BBQ areas, marinas and offer plenty of shelling opportunities.