La Union Travel Guide

Welcome to the La Union travel guide.

If you go to La Union, you can enjoy beautiful beaches like Las Tunas.  Las Tunas is one of the most famous beaches in El Salvador and you can spend the day lying in a hammock in front of the sea.  With the little breeze you feel so comfortable and relaxed.  La Union also has a gulf called Golfo de Fonseca.  This area of El Salvador is a beautiful place where you can see the blue ocean, beautiful natural scenery with warm temperatures. You will also see interesting things like when the light blue of the sky and the blue ocean look like they are touching.


If you want to do something fun, you may want to go to Conchagua where you can go to the park or basketball courts.  It’s a place where you can walk, run, and do other outdoor activities.  Conchagua is a place that looks like a mountain or hills and you can go hiking and feel the pure air and see the wonderful forests, the mountains, and the beautiful green trees.  You can also visit the village where you can find a beautiful Cathedral.  Even those who live in El Salvador love Conchagua because there is so much to do in just this one place.  La Union also has an important port called Cutuco, and is considered one of the most important ports, in El Salvador.  It’s a beautiful place where you can see many ships, boats and other things.


Located on Central America's Pacific Coast, the El Salvador beaches are home to some of Latin America's finest surf breaks.  But surfers aren't the only travelers who enjoy the beautiful beaches of El Salvador.  La Union is a quintessential El Salvador beach with dark sands mixed with volcanic ash, lined with vendor huts and seafood restaurants, shaggy palms, and some of the world’s best surfing.  The coastline is lined with villages both lively and tranquil, accommodations available are luxury and budget, and warm waters perfect for swimming as well as surfing. 


La Union Weather and Best Time to Visit


El Salvador has a tropical climate with only two seasons: Verano, or dry season from November to April, and Invierno, or wet season which is from May to October.  Almost the entire annual rainfall occurs during the rainy season and at night.  Temperatures are based mostly on elevation in El Salvador.  The coastal areas are the hottest, averaging between 70°F and 100°F throughout the year.  The central areas vary dramatically throughout the year and range from 66°F in the coldest months to 100°F in the warmest. 


Within the mountainous areas it is always cool, with temperatures averaging between 53°F and 75°F.  The best time of year to visit is at the beginning or end of the dry season, when it doesn't rain every day and the roads are in good shape.  Also, if you avoid the holidays like Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Easter (Semana Santa) which means the prices aren't inflated and you'll have the sights to yourself.


Experience La Union


Port of La Union, one of the most significant ports in Central America and the most developed area in the eastern region of El Salvador. This La Union hotel is also just minutes from the Conchagua Volcano.  The beautiful Las Tunas beach can be found on the Gulf of Fonseca (Golfo de Fonseca), home to the islands of Meanguera and Meanguerita. Honduras and Nicaragua can be easily accessed via a one-hour ferry trip across the bay.  Enjoy local night life and shopping just 40 minutes away in the town of San Miguel. A variety of restaurants, cocktail lounges and financial centers are located in the surrounding are.


El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America but it has an extensive coastline.  El Salvador surf is among the best in the world with some many pristine surf points.  There are restaurants, surf board repair shops, and hotels all along the coast making it easy to navigate on your vacation.  The gulf shared by El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua is a gorgeous dark blue sea paired together with views of volcanic islands, small fishing villages, and black sand beaches.